Summer Reading

I know that for a lot of kids reading is a chore. I had a student say they don’t like reading because it is just about tests. It broke my heart and really helped shift my focus. Reading should be about adventure, mystery, humour, discovering things about characters and maybe even yourself. It should not be about getting a better mark.

Summer is a really great time to reinforce the greatest part of reading…fun! The library is a great place to let your child discover what types of books they enjoy reading, what types of adventures they like to go on.

I am like a kid in a candy store at CHAPTERS or Barnes and Noble. Always looking for the next great read aloud. Summer is my time to read all the books I have come across over the year. Decide which appeal to me the most and which might grab the attention of my students. Last summer it was Monstrous and Nightmares…This year who knows? But I can promise whatever text it is will have been read in the sun with an ice cold water at my side and the pages may or may not smell like coconut oil in September.

It is a scientific fact that the sun charges your positive energy batteries and so while you are out recharging the batteries you might as well get out a great book 🙂

Happy Reading.

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