Here We GO!

It has been a beautiful summer and the break has been glorious. I am excited for a new year with some familiar faces and a few new ones.

This year I am trying a few new things in regards to literacy and I will keep you updated on this. I am very excited about Notice and Note as a way to drive class discussions. We will be starting the year by introducing the “signposts” that students will be learning to “notice and note”. Along side this we will be having a fun reading challenge throughout the year. In the book, “The Book Whisperer” the author introduces the idea of a 40 book challenge. We will be doing a 24 book challenge to ease in but there will not be a limit to the books we can read.

I am going to try and keep up with small videos to introduce math topics so you can help at home. Stay tuned for those.

I am very excited for the year so here we go. Check out the classroom so far.

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