Take a moment

Today I finished two books. I started them both before school set in but I have been so busy. Between the gym, school day, walking the dog, night work to get ready for the next school day I find myself having less and less time for just sitting down and reading a book. Last night I decided to just turn off the TV and read, because reading is fun. I finished PAX which was spectacular and then remembered I had another started but unfinished story to complete. So tonight after the dog walking I finished that one as well.

My busy schedule and students voicing how tired they were today (Monday’s are always the worst) made me wonder why they were so tired. I asked why and the list of things kids have to do some times is staggering. Most of it they want to do, heck I want to do everything on my list too. I love the gym, they love hockey, I love my job, they love soccer, I love walking the dog, they love dance. Just because we love doing something doesn’t mean we don’t need to take a moment and realize when we need to just have some wind down time.

I needed my moments today to reset. Give my brain a break from busy and enjoy a few good books and remember that it is nice to just relax and fall into another world. Take a moment everyday and enjoy it either reading or just relaxing. We all need it. Especially the kids.

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