What a week…

A whirlwind week is drawing to a close. I turn 34 tomorrow (despite my initial thoughts I was only turning 33) and I just want to take a moment to reflect on how great my job is, my class is and life in general.

We have been reading the Graveyard Book, it is among my favourite books, and finally finished it this week. Wednesday I read for 90 minutes straight. A few times I worried that I had lost some of the class while they shuffled some cards or played with some kind of fiddle toy while I read but the protests to keep reading followed by retells to prove they were listening kept me going. Reading the opinions of the book today made me grateful I have a class who has adopted my love for reading. The very simple message of having all the potential to choose our own path is a great way to start the year.

We are working on our Social Projects on Ancient Athens at the moment and it is going really well. I am a social studies nerd and even a hint of pulling the kids over to my side of the “favourite subject” argument is great. I am really looking forward to our final presentations. I am grateful they are engaged and learning.

We have had our share of drama this week between arguments and sickness but our disinfecting party the last few days has been fun. Daily Run Ball has been a blast but the best part is there is no hint of a “class system” when these kids play their games. They include everyone, they watch out for everyone and they cheer on everyone. The best parts of my week have been the displays of pure kindness that seems to be missing so much these days. Just watch the news.

I get to be the leader of the best community. After this whirlwind week, the ups and the downs I choose to focus on the ups. I received a birthday card today, it referred to me as their favourite teacher ever (which was nice) but even better I was called a “Glorious Unicorn”, my birthday wish…That we can all be Glorious Unicorns.


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