Ever feel like time is just getting away?

Man time is just flying by. Lots going on, had a blast today at school with an Olympic day and teaching what I hope is a very cool lesson on Monday to kick off experimenting with Poetry.

There is a strategy called concept attainment where the students are challenged to establish rules or definitions for why things are sorted the way they are. This calls on students to recognize similarities and differences. Not sure why this works but science says that is one of the more high yield strategies for learning. We are going to be putting it to the test Monday.

In a matter of months we will already be beginning the PAT prep. No need to worry as these kids will be prepared but in Grade 6 it feels like we have to fit a years worth of teaching into 8 months plus holidays and everything else. Time just flies by. This has been a wonderful year of growth for me as a teacher and I am grateful for the new opportunities that I am challenging myself with.

Now let’s bring on this last week before the February break and a chance to just read a few good books.

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