Proud Day

We had a lot of fun today. The kids have been working on research projects to teach the grade 2 kids about different insects. I could talk about all the high yield learning activities we did but instead I want to talk about how great it was.

The presentations and games that the kids made were awesome and the grade 2 teachers and students were thrilled. I was thrilled because my students were leaders today. They showed a maturity that sometimes is missing (or at least not appreciated by most adults) in kids this age. The reassurance they gave kids as 7 year olds tried to answer the trivia questions, the patience they showed as they explained the tasks they made.

I grow tired often of “those darn grade 6 kids” comments I hear often, they are bigger they are louder but they are amazing. Today and everyday I am grateful beyond words to be their teacher. Today however others got to see why. What a great day.

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