Passionate readers are life long readers

Today as I was teaching at one point I just had to take in the laughter and smiles as we talked about Ancient Athens. I can’t remember what made me go on some tangent ( a regular occurrence) but the laughter that followed made it worth it. My passion for Social Studies comes out in the delivery of the lessons and conversations we have.

Regarding reading this is the same, my students know I love to read. They know I love to talk about books, the cool little phrases or powerful moments that come in a great book. I have modelled passionate reading to my students and I hope I have had a positive impact on their reading habits.

Parents you need to help out by doing the same thing. There is a quote about how no kids hate reading they just have yet to find a good book. When I hear an adult say I don’t read I often go blank for a moment. Like you don’t read anything? Reading is not just about novels, it is about news articles and magazines, comic books and instruction manuals. Reading is probably the most important life skill we can learn. This is why it is so important to model reading at home.

It is a lot easier in the summer, for me most of the day light hours are spent in a chair or laying on a blanket tanning while reading a great book. In the winter I have to set some time to read nightly if I have a good book. If I haven’t found one for that moment it is news articles and other texts but still reading.

If you want your students or children to be passionate readers (the impact on their other subjects will only be positive) you need to show them what a passionate reader looks like. Turn off the TV and read a great book and even better, read one with your child or to your students.

Reading can be the most engaging activity of the day if you give it the passion it deserves.

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