BHH a beginning to meaningful reflection

Readers should be responsive, responsible and compassionate. I talked about this with my class today as we introduced the BHH framework from Disrupting Thinking by Beers and Probst. It is no secret to readers of this blog that I love the ideas presented in that book and I discussed it more here.

We discussed with events of the world as they are the importance of being a reader that represents those early mentioned characteristics. After that we looked at the poem Taught Racism that can be found here. As individuals and as a class we discussed a few elements of the poem and things that stuck out. I was impressed with a few of the insights that were shared. One line which talked about being taught ugliness helped to guide a conversation about how we learn to be mean to others and that we should not be judging a book by its cover. Looking at the line social cancer we discussed how cancer spreads quickly just like harmful words and actions can spread from one to another. The poem helped to establish the BHH mindset early.

I followed up reading That Squeak by Carolyn Beck a beautiful and sad story about friendship, loss, judgment and realizing that things are not always as we see them. Students listened we discussed and they responded with sticky notes. As a class we discussed the different observations. One student reflected that it reminded them of Fast and the Furious because people race around and someone dies. Some chuckled but reading on the student said I think about them both because they are sad. A simple connection but a connection that student made to this text. They were responsible in reflecting their feelings even if their initial response seems funny. Today was the first day of a journey but it was a blast for me to see where they are and where we are going.

Here are a few visuals from today to take a look at.


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