Mama by Jacqueline Woodson (BHH)

We have been working on BHH for the last week and a bit but I have extended the opportunity to reflect however students want for most daily reflections. Today however I asked students to use the framework to respond to the Poem Mama by Jacqueline Woodson. Which can be found here.

I start the year with a warning that sometimes we may be reading literature that has a powerful impact on you. Today I did not expect what occurred as I ask students to reflect we had some emotional students as they reflected on the text needing a minute alone to gain their composure.

Our discussions were brief post read, we have not achieved the classroom environment yet that students are ready to share verbally. I am ok with it as 2 weeks in I am not expecting everyone to feel the same level of comfort. I did however ask students to record their thoughts for me to share and I have a few that I would like to share as examples of how each person experiences a text in their own way.

Things I learned today

  1. Check student background before reading a poem about missing loved ones.
  2. The length of a response does not determine the impact.
  3. The emotional response of junior high students is much higher than elementary students.

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