Final BHH focused lesson

Moving on to Signpost number 2 Aha moments next week but wanted to share my experience with the text Each Kindness.

I ordered it after reading Mama last week with my students and hearing so many reviews and it did not disappoint. What a beautiful and touching story. That lead to some great reflections with my students.

I have been working on BHH and now Contrast and Contradiction with my students for about 3 weeks off and on. I love that they are getting more comfortable with using the framework and I plan to dial back the assigned reflection style now they they understand it. Time to see what they do when left to guide their own reflection process. We still will come bak to BHH for some pieces of writing. Raymond’s Run for example that can be found here  which I loved discovering the other day. As teachers though I think we must be aware of the idea of expecting too much too fast from our students and I definitely don’t want them to think of BHH or any other reflection structure as work or just another assignment. SO we are going to take a break and try some other strategies out, I have an artist in the class and want to allow him a chance to show what he can do with sketch to stretch and other visualization techniques, I will introduce Quadrants of Thought and just spend time thinking with prompt questions. I love journals and I will not be abandoning them but choice is choice and I want my students to explore all the different ways we can reflect. Even the very new to me/ still figuring out flip grid.  Today was fun, I love BHH as a framework for reflection, we will continue to grow and develop as readers in large part because of the organizational structure it has provided. Now we just add more to the tool box. First up Aha Moments and Summary work with Book Commercials.  Until Next time here are a few more examples from today. Notice the variation and differences in responses, I find it interesting.

Go and read Each Kindness to everyone you know it is a beautiful book.

2 thoughts on “Final BHH focused lesson

  1. Thanks for sharing these student responses! I think you are smart to step back and see what the students choose for responding. Love following your exploration and journey into this thinking.


  2. I just started using BHH in my classroom yesterday, and found that several students spontaneously created the kind of 3 column chart you have here, when I was thinking of it more as three bullet points down the page vertically. So cool to see how kids utilize the tools we offer.


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