Credit where it is due

I love collaboration and teaching. I love the opportunities I have to gather with like minded individuals and share ideas, to build our professional capacity and become a better teacher with the help of all the wonderful educators I have had the chance to learn from.

My number one collaborator and sounding board is always my wife. She is an awesome leader in her school and a bank of knowledge when it comes to literacy and students with special needs. I often go to her for suggestions on how to approach an area a student is struggling in and she never fails to give me another lens to look through.

I have had the pleasure of working with some great educators over the years. My team the last few years before my big move to JH were some of the best educators I have ever worked with. Sometimes people do not get the credit they deserve and I need to take some time to thank them for helping me be a better teacher.

(K) -Thank you for teaching me that just because something is new and shiny it does not mean it is a better way of teaching. You are an expert educator and any teacher could learn so much from you. We all bring different things to the table and you brought a knowledge that can not be taught in a text book or in a teacher resource. I am so grateful for the help you offered over the years in looking at the basics of teaching and helping me see there is so many ways to look at teaching and they do not need to come from some expert that likes to think they are the ones with “best practice” You taught me to have a more open mind and it has made me a better teacher.

(G). You are greatness in teacher form. Your passion and dedication to your students is unmatched. I know sometimes you questioned yourself but I learned from you, I borrowed from you (or stole whatever you prefer) and could never have made it through science experiments without your help and support because I am not in to experiments and we all know it. Your greatest help for me however was your support, your pep talks and your example. Your no fear attitude in trying new things like book talks and speakers club motivated me to try new things. I hope one day we can work together again.

(J). Thank you for being my teaching hive mind. We travelled from one school to another together and I would not have had half as many great ideas without you telling me my first ideas were garbage lol. The honesty and shared brilliance was my greatest planning tool. Your innovation in the classroom was often unrecognized by many but I do not know many brave enough to fill their room with lawn chairs and pillows instead of chairs and desks because you did nothing 50%. You inspire me to be a better teacher.

Credit where it is due. Teachers need to tell each other more how they help each other grow. We need to support one another. Build each other up. Share and collaborate.

I am on a new journey now and excited to build these relationships and hopefully support others in the way so many have helped me. These 4 are just a part of my PLN. Countless others have helped me over my time CP, CK, CM, RF Thank you as well for helping me in my journey.

Finally to my Mom and Dad the greatest teachers I have ever know. Thank you. To my Dad you inspired me to become a teacher with your unmatched work ethic and integrity I strive to be as excellent a teacher as you were. You have a few more awards in teaching than I do…I have none so far but give me time. To my Mother, you have taught me to be strong, to be brave and to stand up for what I believe in and I will be grateful for all time for your gift of my personality haha 🙂

Ok that is enough for now but really folks, take some time to thank those that guide and help you are your journey. You never know if they might really need it or if you just really need to say it.

Credit where it is due 🙂


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