Not every day is a home run.

For every awesome day I have a couple bumpy ones and I need to reflect on those days too.

Today I started like normal with our individual reading time. A few way too chatty kids derailed that. It started me off on the wrong foot for that lesson.

I then brought out the great picture book After the Fall by Dan Santat. I great book to help the students explore mindset. We did the typical response BHH which is usually very effective. Today… not so much. It could be Friday before Halloween or just what feels like a long week. Who knows, but I do know that next week is a new week and I will plan and prepare with a fresh start. Growth mindset is not something we reserve only for our students. Today was a “yet” kind of day. I could not reach the few who do not want to read….yet, I could not manage their needs to feel engaged with others desire for quiet reading…yet. This is the reality of teaching and not a wall that will keep me from getting to where I want to be. Reflection is the goal always.

Positives- I had a brilliantly engaging conversation with coworkers about Notice and Note, some cool PD on a new tool to use in my classroom and Stranger Things Season 2 is out on Netflix.

Monday is a New Day and Tuesday is Halloween. Get ready teachers…Winter is coming… LOL

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