The Learning Journey

This summer I started a journey of learning that has increased my professional growth exponentially. That journey is called Twitter, being in a twitter chat around PD and the wonderful book Four O’clock Faculty taught me to take control of my learning and that if I am not learning it is only on me. I have found my PLN (Professional Learning Network) a group of people that have lifted me up professionally, nearly strangers that are quick to offer a supportive hand. They are not strangers anymore I consider them friends. My #curiositycrew, brought together by the great, inspirational and driven to make the educational world best for students Dr.Mary Howard. We have collaborated across countries and all of this wonderful learning has lead me to my next step.

My friend Mark organizes #SRLedchat and one day asked me if I would be interested in Running a chat of my own. It took me about 5 seconds to say yes but I was not totally sure on what the topic of choice would be, I considered what I am most interested in and I got 2 answers. Working out and Literacy. So we blend the worlds together and on March 4th at 7pm CST I will be moderating the #SRLedchat with this topic

Lifting Up Literacy Intro Slide

If you have never participated in a Twitter chat the hour is broken up with a series of questions and you answer under a Q1/A1 format response. So if the tweeted question was Q1: Who is leading the #SRLedchat on March 4th? You would respond A1: @mrbgilson #SRLedchat, see the # is important because it groups all our answers. THe Questions for the chat are right here.

Lifting Up Literacy Slides (1)I am very excited for this chat and hope you will join me as I continue to learn and grow.

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