#SOL18 March 1st

A Morning Quote and Reminders

My first Slice of Life entry comes with apprehension but excitement. I like to blog but this seems different. This morning I got up for my morning workout where I tend to check for Dr.Mary updates between sets, get distracted reading, but learn something new and then am fired up for a day of teaching.

Today was different, my first educational cup of coffee was a facebook message I saved a year or more ago

Sometimes, the most brilliant and intelligent minds do not shine in standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds-Diane Ravitch

Today these wise words became even more clear as we looked at poetry in class. Conversations were had, poems were shared and students displayed their exceptional minds. There was still some “Roses are Red” in the bunch (which is fine) but there are also moments that are windows into my student’s lives.

I am participating in this Slice of Life to tell my story. Today my students started to tell theirs. I look forward to the journey,


5 thoughts on “#SOL18 March 1st

  1. Welcome to the slicing world! This is a different kind of blogging experience, but it is so powerful to live the life as a writer, daily.


  2. I suspect none of our students are standardized; we just force them to do standardized things. Thankfully we have poetry to help us find our common humanity.

    Keep slicing. You’re speaking my mind, and I like your writing style.


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