Last Day of Ball #sol18 Entry 10 March 10th

It is such a difference going from fan who knows some of the kids to teacher who sees them daily.

Sitting at the last day of South Hoops basketball, the 4A zone championships just finished watching the girls final that had my current school and the high school from the town I use to teach in. I know many of the kids some I even subbed when they were in 4th grade, now 11th. Both teams played hard but my hometown Pandas came out with the silver. There was a lot of tears but heads were held high. They had a great season with only a couple of losses and now they head to next weekends provincial championships.

I am writing this before the boys final which has our hometown Zeniths as well. I hope the boys win but regardless of outcome it has been amazing watching them this season. These boys are my wife’s first class, 5th graders that she still has class pictures of, that are just hilarious now as we watch this awesome kids in their last year of high school.

Last year we started the tradition of throwing the kids an Ice Cream Sundae party. This year we will include the girls as well. 20 some teenagers over for ice cream. Just a thank you for the fun weeknights cheering them on. They entertain the town for about 5 months of the year. Some ice cream sundaes is the least we can do.

One thought on “Last Day of Ball #sol18 Entry 10 March 10th

  1. Sounds as though you’re having lots of March Madness fun. Your post sparked a basketball Memory from long ago, which I’m adding to my own slicing ideas. Thanks!


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