Changes in plans

#sol18 I have lost track but I will still keep writing.

Just a little background

I have been working out and trying to live a healthier(ish) lifestyle for the last few years. Last summer I had a back injury, which somehow shifted to an ongoing shoulder imbalance. Last week I finally gave in to the pain and went to a physiotherapist. They have told me that I need to take it easy for a while, gave me some strategies to help heal and some very sore shoulders that are hopefully going to be on the mend.

I was very frustrated with the news and to be honest at first planned to ignore it. Then I was chatting with the #curiositycrew and my friend Susan mentioned my chat a while back and the importance of rest…Ok so maybe I need a bit of rest but I can’t stop so I am looking into other ways to be active that do not put a lot of pressure on the shoulders but will help me to continue making gains.

I can’t help but see the parallels that exist between my current workout struggles and those of my students who struggle or my teaching that sometimes struggles. I am looking for new ways to workout to work around the issue while I heal. If a lesson goes poorly I do the same thing, I look at other ways to attack the problem, other paths that will lead to success.

I am diversifying the workouts to help get healthy but also to become more well rounded. A part of why I am hurt is the same type of workouts in repetition (limited home gym) might have overtrained areas throwing me out of balance. I don’t think I even need to draw those connections.


This does not need to be a stumbling block or even a point of frustration. How we look at the obstacles that come up define the choices we make next. I am choosing to try something new for a while.

Plus I did some reading, I can afford to not lift heavy for a week…hopefully that is enough.

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