Small Things

First I need to say how much I have enjoyed the Slice of Life writing challenge even though I do not get a chance to blog every day as planned I do try to share some thoughts when I have them.

Things Mr.G Thinks 1

This blog has taken on a different life this year, in the past, it was my forum to share my students work, the cool things we were doing and the fun I was trying. I have done that a lot less this year. I think because the work I am doing is changing.

I miss the journalling though and we will be getting back into it more with some novels we will be working with after the break, The Giver or The Boy in the Striped Pajamas in Grade 8 and Peak in Grade 7. I am going to be purposeful in how I use the books with my students how we reflect and what we discuss. It will not be a matter of reading and answer these questions, collect some vocabulary but more meaningful thought proking reflection points. I am excited to get back to what I love about teaching, the work of Kylene Beers and Bob Probst, I am excited to work in a text with my students as a shared learning experience.

Things Mr.G Thinks 2

Ok, so I read 2 wordless picture books today that I picked up. My Hometown by Russell Griesmer and Small Things Mel Tregonning. Both remarkable and both will serve to fuel my classroom instruction with ideas already building. I want to take a minute though to talk about the impact Small Things had on me.

A story about a boy that deals with all sorts of anxiety his “worry monsters” that slowly chip away and take from who he is. The story says so much without a word. The illustrations, just the emotions in the eyes of the characters. The aha moments I had for myself and for students I teach. This book could mean so much to so many. I plan to use it Monday. Anxiety is a real issue and seems to become greater and greater in the classroom with more and more students feeling the impact of their own worry monsters chipping away at their joyful learning. Books like Small THings help us to have the conversations. I look forward to the opportunity to introduce it to my students and see their thoughts and reflections.

Until tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. Maybe next year you’ll find a way to post every day. That said, we do what we can. Last year I quit after day 16 because I went to Europe for 11 days. This year I’ll post every day. Next year I won’t becsuse I’m traveling to China. As you do delve into the SOL community more, you’ll find lots of inspiration from others, as I did for my post today. BTW, I love The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Have fun sharing it w/ students.


  2. Good books to read and share with kids. I don’t know either of the picture books so am excited to check them out. Thanks – glad you keep coming back to writing.


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