The Curiosity Crew

When I started my journey on Twitter I would never have expected to learn so much, to have moments where I interact with people that I look up to so much and make so many friends along the way.

I hosted a Twitter chat recently (my third one) and used the hashtag #curiositycrew. To give a little history way back in November or December my new friend (at the time) Dr.Mary Howard asked if I would participate in a conversation with other regulars to the #g2great chat, her weekly chat on all things education co-moderated by the wonderful Amy Brennan, Jenn Hayhurst and recently joined by Fran McVeigh. The topic of the chat was on building collective curiosity…I think. Anyway, Mary asked if I would partner up with other educators and regulars of the chat to supply questions and talk about what #g2great meant to me as an educator on its 3 year anniversary.  I was thrilled and this was the start of the Curiosity Crew. This was a nickname I jokingly referred to us as and it is going to stick if I have to use it for the rest of time haha.

I am going to take a moment to introduce the crew here because they have, through support and cheerleading, really helped me to develop a better understanding of what I want to be as an educator and advocate for my students.

Dr. Mary Howard– There is not a bigger supporter of teachers in the known universe of this I am sure. She travels the United States (maybe one day Canada but not in the winter) to spread a joyful message about teaching and particularly literacy. She is a fierce defender of children and their right to read without strings attached and her rants are legendary. She has become a dear friend and I will forever credit her as the founding member of the Curiosity Crew.

Kitty Donohoe- The West Coast rep of the crew and I would have to say if a title is needed she would be Head Cheerleader. Kind messages sent to encourage us on chat days, or with cool things coming up, job transfers or just good news moments. We can all count on Kitty to send a heart emoji and a kind message and everyone needs someone that is generous with the kind messages and heart emojis 🙂

Roman Nowak- The Canadian Kindness Ambassador. My brother from across the country Roman is a one-man inspiration army. His message and mission to spread kindness are unrivaled and I am so proud to call him my friend. His Twitter game is strong and I tend to follow him from chat to chat on occasion. Stay tuned because we have BIG things coming.

Cameron Carter- The Giver of Gifs. Cameron brings the infectious enthusiasm for learning and having fun, you would never guess he is an amazing elementary teacher 🙂 Cameron has skills in chats bringing his well-timed gifs and amazing examples of his students work to all conversations. Grateful to him for all his joy in teaching, a fantastic example to follow.

ShelfieTalk– East Coasters Kim and Jill, I never know which it is I am talking to so I just say, friend 🙂 Hosts of the wonderful chat #shelfietalk They are advocates for reading and lifelong learning in ways I hope to live up to as I continue teaching.

Johnny Downey and Susan Vincent- Introduced to us as the Extrovert and Introvert Best friends I have such deep admiration for their passion for teaching and literacy. Plus they are both huge fans of Harry Potter and join in with me on rants about people that do not value independent reading. We are getting out more to learn new things 🙂 They have a blog as well that is delightful and insightful on the topic of Introverts and Extroverts in the classroom check it out

Susie Rolander and Kara Pranikoff- College Professeurs and Published Authors. Inspiring for their students at #litbankstreet and inspiring me to want to help the student teachers that I interact with to develop and grow as educators. They have been very supportive as I am on this journey on Twitter.

Well, there you have it. My #PLN the Curiosity Crew as they first were brought together by Mary. I can’t begin to describe the difference they have made for me as a teacher and will continue to have on my practice as I learn from and with them.

This is not my typical post and maybe a more learning-centric post will come later this evening or week. This is a big old thank you to the support system that I have been so lucky to find.

If you are an educator that is hesitant to dive into the Twitter world, be brave, take a chance. You will not regret it.

Thank you to all that joined the chat yesterday and especially to my dear friends that braved Tornado warnings and had to hide from their family to pop in for a few minutes. The support means the world to me.

Ok enough mushy stuff…anyone want to chat about AR?




2 thoughts on “The Curiosity Crew

  1. STOP THAT! We’ve got state testing next week, and I do not need to get on my AR soapbox right now. LOL!
    I loved the portion of the chat I got to join, and it’s been great to go back and read what I missed.


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