On this sunny morning

It is so funny what a little sun will do for me. After this LONG winter (with more snow forecast) these days where we are greeted with warmth and sunshine are ones to be cherished.

Ok so yesterday I had one of those days, the ok kind but a few moments here and there make you question what you are doing. I had a student tell me that most of the class hates LA. I pondered on that for the remaining hours of the school day and how I can address this problem because believe me I see it as a problem.

I looked at my practice and wondered how on earth these kids are not becoming the literacy loving souls that I have become as I put to practice the teaching of all these amazing educators that inspire me. I try to create passionate readers and learners in the footsteps of Pernille Ripp, I try to be the Book Whisperer of Magrath after reading the amazing book by Donalyn Miller. I write with them and look at various forms of writing in the pattern of Kelly Gallagher, I preach to the masses about the power of Notice and Note and Disrupting Thinking by the spectacular Kylene Beers and Bob Probst and I am joyous about literacy like my dear friend Mary champions so beautifully and yet…

“Most of us Hate LA.”

I took the line so personally, because I am doing everything “right” I have embedded choice in most everything we do, I give ample time to read and I check in to see how their books are going and let them “break up” with books like we are speed dating.

This morning I got up to this beautiful sun and had the thought, “How many other teachers feel this way?” See the brilliance of these master educators and struggle to emulate it in their classrooms. I have had my fair share of brilliance with my students, I look back at past work and see amazing things but resistance to work has grown as the year ticks on.

I will continue to work towards the goals of a literacy centered classroom that celebrates those joyful moments but I think we all need to cut ourselves some slack that while we might be doing everything right, some days it will go “wrong”.

I appreciate all the amazing educators that inspire me to be better. Today will be a wonderful day.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I will be reading some great books with kids if they realize it or not 🙂


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