The beautiful glitch

I finished reading The Wild Robot Escapes this weekend and finished it out in the glorious sun this afternoon. I loved this sequel more than the original. A robot that has developed independence trying to get back home. The way the author Peter Brown takes a robot and makes it the purest “human” character in the story is special. The journey to find acceptance and the fear others show that do not understand Roz the Robot has so many connections to the world around us.

One line that stuck out to me,

Beautiful Glitch

Roz is different from the other robots, her behavior is unique, she does not follow the programming that she was designed to follow. She has struggled because of this glitch in her programming and yet… she refers to it as beautiful. It made her who she is, it brought her the friends and family that she has. That sort of mindset would be so helpful for us to teach our students.

Yes you are different, yes you at times make choices that make things more difficult but it is what makes you unique. That beautiful glitch.

If parents, teachers and fellow students starting seeing other students struggles as unique qualities rather than shortcomings and beautiful glitches rather than mistakes in their programming I can’t help but wonder the difference it could make in our learning communities but more importantly in how our students see themselves.

Food for thought I guess. A short post on a Sunday before a few Twitter chats. Love the book, go buy it. The Wild Robot Escapes.



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