Episode 2 comics in the classroom

Ok, this one is a little long. I was way more comfortable the second time around and so will need to keep that in mind next time. Almost 30 minutes on Comics in the classroom and a bit about AR. Hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Episode 2 comics in the classroom

  1. I am really enjoying your new podcast format (I love your blogging style as well). It feels so personal-like you are right here having a conversation with me. My son is going into 6th grade and he really enjoys graphic novels and comics. His favorite right now is Big Nate. My husband sometimes worries about my son preferring and choosing the comic style Big Nate books over the novel style.
    He loves to read them over and over again. Now I can play him your segment on why reading comic books is still valid and important reading He can hear somebody else saying it besides me. I love your advice on not being complacent when faced with being required to follow through with potentially harmful practices. I have to admit that my nature is to be a “people pleaser” so it can be hard for me speak up or go against the grain. When I think about what is at stake though it makes it worth it.


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