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I love bookstores, I love picking up a never before heard of book and reading the back and just taking that chance.

Nightbooks is a twisted fairytale fantasy but it is so much more than that. Alex loves the dark things, the monsters, the zombie movies, the stuff others think is creepy. He collects his stories in his journals that he calls his Nightbooks. I don’t want to spoil a single moment of this story so I will stick to some basics. The writing is so vivid and creates this edge of your seat feeling. A boy, some friends, a witch…and adventure. This is a story I will read again and again. One thing that I really liked was that the book has writing advice woven into the story. A unique addition that I just loved.

As I read the story I often had moments where I thought about the “Alex” characters in my life. The ones that are misunderstood, categorized and judged because they do not fit the mould that society or their fellow students expect them to fill. Alex struggles with his dark thoughts, with the shame he feels because others think there is something wrong with him. His realization that he is not his thoughts, that he is so much more than people see him as was a powerful moment in the book and a reminder of my duty to help students find that in themselves.

Kids have a lot to deal with. Their life outside school, their life in it. There is just so much, they shouldn’t have to worry about being anything but themselves. As teachers, we need to help students see the light that they contain, especially when others can’t see past the “dark”.

Odd what one takes from a book about a boy and a witch.

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