Expectations a #SOL19 post

I missed my post yesterday. The least busy day of my week and I spent it researching and watching a movie and reading and relaxing and completely forgot to write. Funny how that happens.

I wonder often if the expectations I have for myself are at times too great. I want to have these great lessons in this beautiful literacy-rich classroom and some days things don’t go according to play.

It is ok. Today is short and sweet. It is ok to not always be adding to the highlight reel some days we are just working on the practice film 🙂

2 thoughts on “Expectations a #SOL19 post

  1. I know the feeling you have- we get so immersed in what we are doing that we lose sight of what we “thought” we wanted to do. Some people might say it’s prioritizing, I truly feel it can be getting lost in familiar routines or the moments of a day. At the very least you caught it and are moving forward, that’s all one can hope for sometimes. All the best the rest of the way!


  2. I love the analogy to the practice film. It’s so true and sort of liberating to give ourselves permission to take a day off from the highlight reel. I enjoyed your slice and applaud you for not throwing in the towel altogether!


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