Well Here We Are

In January of last year I did the “One word” deal that so many teachers seem to do. Pick that word that that you are going to have to guide you. In years past I used words like curious and brave, this past year it has been resolve. I also set some goals/dreams. The Covid hit and things kind of seemed to be put on the shelf and I took the time to learn from brilliant educators and grow as a professional.

One of the early learning opportunities that I was blessed to take part in was the Liberate and Chill online course. It was full of so many amazing educators leading discussion on different topics. One that really stuck with me was facilitated by shea martin and lizzie fortin on dreaming. Up until that point I always dreamed big but never with the idea or hope that those dreams could really come true.

Today shea posted this tweet

Their words here really hit me as I realized that tomorrow a dream that I really did think was beyond possible is coming true.

Back in January one of my goals was to present at an international conference. This was a huge leap for a lot of reasons.

  • There really are so many brilliant educators out there
  • My stage fright is intense
  • The imposter syndrome I developed last year has been/is something I am working to overcome.
  • Covid-19 ending conferences also was an issue.

So really while I dreamed that one day it might happen I did not think it was actually possible and especially this year.

Well I was wrong and a month or so ago I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in leading a workshop on creating a community of readers and writers for ILA NEXT. I still don’t understand why I was asked and likely never will really get it but I am grateful that someone would consider me for this opportunity.

Beyond that I am grateful to educators like shea and lizzie who help me see that we should dream and dream big. For educators like Mary, Kylene, Bob, Donalyn, Cornelius, Aeriale, Sara, Dr. Parker, Lorena, Julia, Tricia, Dr. Muhammad, Penny, Kelly, Cris, Carrie, Dawn, Maire and so many others who are not only amazing examples but folx who have supported my learning and teaching journey and continue to inspire me.

Tomorrow afternoon I get to take my next steps. I am terrified but I am ready.

So tonight I dream.

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