We are not Superheroes

Franklin Richards Dreamed up a whole Universe
To keep his family 
The Scarlet Witch Change the world with
Superpowers give them the power 
Power to live their dreams 
To shift reality 
To pull those strings of fate
Sometimes just a gentle tug
Others an unravelling 

Teachers have dreams
Dreams for our students
Dreams for our school 
Dreams for ourselves

But we don't have Super powers
I can't snap my fingers and
Away goes their anxiety 
Away goes their fears and doubts
Away goes the bullying and the hardships

We wish we could 
or at least
I could

Instead we can be there
we can talk
we can lift

But who is there for us?

Teachers are not Superheroes 
Don't let the Merchants of Nonsense Fool You
With their quick fixes and slick smiles
Teachers are people 
People who want the best for their kids
Our gifts don't lie in fantastic powers
but we do have our own four words


Dreams are funny
So often they are

But we keep reaching
Keep Trying 
Sitting right on the edge 
Today I wonder if I am reaching too far
If the dream is too big
If only I had powers.

We are working on spoken word poetry in the next few weeks. So giving it a little try.

Franklin and The Scarlet Witch

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