Why books like “A Boy Called Bat” matter

This morning I sat down to read A Boy called Bat by Elana K. Arnold. It was a wonderfully heart warming story. Bixby Alexander Tam or BAT for short is surprised one day when his veterinarian mom brings home an orphan skunk to care for until a rescue facility can house it. The part thatContinue reading “Why books like “A Boy Called Bat” matter”

Disrupting Thinking-The book we need now.

Kylene Beers and Robert Probst are mentioned a few times on my blog and for good reason. They have helped form my thoughts and opinions on reading instruction and so many other things. Today I want to talk a little about a book that I think all teachers should read, heck even parents should haveContinue reading “Disrupting Thinking-The book we need now.”

We can’t do everything everyone says

When I first started teaching grade 6 I was told that I needed to bring some “fresh” ideas to the team. Some times these fresh ideas are referred to as “best” practice for the point of this post I will just say different strategies. There are a ton of educational experts out there that haveContinue reading “We can’t do everything everyone says”