Passionate readers are life long readers

Today as I was teaching at one point I just had to take in the laughter and smiles as we talked about Ancient Athens. I can’t remember what made me go on some tangent ( a regular occurrence) but the laughter that followed made it worth it. My passion for Social Studies comes out inContinue reading “Passionate readers are life long readers”

We use Reading Journals…so should you

  Choice There is a lot of discussion in the teaching world that centres around choice. Students having the choice in how to represent their ideas and what types of books they read is pivotal in student engagement. At the start of the year I decided that I was going to use reading journals asContinue reading “We use Reading Journals…so should you”

Every child a reader

I just finished the most amazing teacher support book entitled “Disrupting Thinking” the main premise is that when thoughts or ideas surprise us, confuses us or conflict with previously held beliefs that a disruption occurs and we should pay attention to those disruptions in our thinking and examine them. This book has done exactly whatContinue reading “Every child a reader”

New teacher book means new thoughts

As a class this year I have taken us on a journey to become better readers. At the start of the year I wanted to focus on all sorts of different strategies and skills. I wanted to fill their toolbox so that they could really enjoy their books and achieve deep levels of thinking andContinue reading “New teacher book means new thoughts”

The Case for Comics in the Classroom

I grew up reading comics every time we went to my grandparents, we would sneak into the storage room and go through my uncles old DC comics. We would read stories about the Justice League or Superman or Batman even Sgt.Rock. As I got older I started my own little collection. My flavour of choiceContinue reading “The Case for Comics in the Classroom”