The Case for Comics in the Classroom

I grew up reading comics every time we went to my grandparents, we would sneak into the storage room and go through my uncles old DC comics. We would read stories about the Justice League or Superman or Batman even Sgt.Rock. As I got older I started my own little collection. My flavour of choiceContinue reading “The Case for Comics in the Classroom”

One Thousand Reasons to read thought provoking literature.

I preface this post with the statement, “It is important to read for fun and enjoyment” I am a strong believer in this and I want my students to have time every day to read books they like and want to read. Sometimes these books are fun: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants, DorkContinue reading “One Thousand Reasons to read thought provoking literature.”

Ever feel like time is just getting away?

Man time is just flying by. Lots going on, had a blast today at school with an Olympic day and teaching what I hope is a very cool lesson on Monday to kick off experimenting with Poetry. There is a strategy called concept attainment where the students are challenged to establish rules or definitions forContinue reading “Ever feel like time is just getting away?”

A time to be Grateful even on the hard days.

The holidays are coming and as the natural “half way” point (not literal) I want to reflect on the things I am grateful for so far this year. First and foremost I am grateful for my students. I am grateful for their fun energetic nature, even though I have “shushed” far more than any yearContinue reading “A time to be Grateful even on the hard days.”