Practice makes learning

Practice means “to try things that we can’t already do-to take chances, to make mistakes, and in short, to learn”  -Gravity Goldberg in Teach Like Yourself quoting Trish Huston. December already? So I am sitting in my classroom working with The Chilling Tales of Sabrina playing in the background. Snow is starting to fall outsideContinue reading “Practice makes learning”

Increase Access in 2 simple steps.

The start of a thought As I continue to reflect on the amazing experience that was NCTE and all the fun that was had learning and meeting my friends, mentors and idols in the literacy world a common theme stuck out to me in the sessions I attended. That being the need for students toContinue reading “Increase Access in 2 simple steps.”

#curiositycrew “NO BOOKS FOR YOU” pt3

Welcome back for the final piece in our little team thought experiment. We started with a simple question of what to do when told, “Independent reading is not appropriate for students with special needs who should be using their time for skills instruction” and morphed into advocacy and tips for next practices that can help studentsContinue reading “#curiositycrew “NO BOOKS FOR YOU” pt3″