Trying New Things is Hard

Twitter is filled with amazing educators. I often get the start of a great idea from something shared by others. For example TQE, an addition to my classroom toolbox was shared with me through Twitter. I discovered my educational North Star Mary Howard through Twitter, I find Podcasts, articles, resources and other like-minded educators onContinue reading “Trying New Things is Hard”

Books have the lessons 01/05/19

#nomoreAR My friend Mary Howard delivers beautifully written passion rants when topics cause her distress or worry or anger on behalf of students and teachers who might not always be able to speak for themselves. I love her rants and the fire in the words she puts on the screen. I started blogging years agoContinue reading “Books have the lessons 01/05/19”

Practice makes learning

Practice means “to try things that we can’t already do-to take chances, to make mistakes, and in short, to learn”  -Gravity Goldberg in Teach Like Yourself quoting Trish Huston. December already? So I am sitting in my classroom working with The Chilling Tales of Sabrina playing in the background. Snow is starting to fall outsideContinue reading “Practice makes learning”

We Read – We Write – We Share

  I don’t really remember much about my Language Arts classes growing up. I can’t even remember the books I read in class. I remember writing essays I think and some stories but there is nothing that stands out to me, nothing that I would share with my students today. I grew up a SocialContinue reading “We Read – We Write – We Share”