We don’t talk about it

This week in Grade 9, we started to dig into #ProjectSpeak. An inquiry-based learning opportunity where students identify a topic they want to discuss and share with others based on their feeling that it is important. I have two grade 9 classes, and for the sake of exploration, I have one with an essential guidingContinue reading “We don’t talk about it”

Day Six- 30 days 30 poems

SpaceI saw a news story onceThe headline read, “Giant Goldfish found in lake”Fish grow to fit their environment Every year we re-pot some of our plantsThey just stop thrivingRoots fighting over space and nutrientsSometimes I think students face pots too small.Early wake up callsRules they must followDo it the right wayNo choiceIgnored voiceI think thereContinue reading “Day Six- 30 days 30 poems”