Dear Program Pushers

Today on Twitter I came across a post that asked a simple question ” Educators, If there are students in your building who read “below grade level”, what recommendation would YOU make?” The choices were between, build classroom libraries or purchase programs. I voted thinking it was a no-brainer but much to my horror of theContinue reading “Dear Program Pushers”

#curiositycrew “NO BOOKS FOR YOU” pt3

Welcome back for the final piece in our little team thought experiment. We started with a simple question of what to do when told, “Independent reading is not appropriate for students with special needs who should be using their time for skills instruction” and morphed into advocacy and tips for next practices that can help studentsContinue reading “#curiositycrew “NO BOOKS FOR YOU” pt3″

A time to be Grateful even on the hard days.

The holidays are coming and as the natural “half way” point (not literal) I want to reflect on the things I am grateful for so far this year. First and foremost I am grateful for my students. I am grateful for their fun energetic nature, even though I have “shushed” far more than any yearContinue reading “A time to be Grateful even on the hard days.”