What Happens When We Lower The Bar

A few years ago I was listening to Kylene Beers speak about student achievement. One point that really stuck with me was around the role we play simply with our expectations. Today as I was talking to my class her words around students rising to the bar we set came back into my mind. ThisContinue reading “What Happens When We Lower The Bar”

To the Classes of 2021/2022

As I sat pondering what I wanted to write after the Alberta Summer Literacy Institute the topics of all the speakers kept coming back to me. The thread that brought everything together, at least in the sessions I attended, was the importance of our students knowing themselves, honouring their identity and helping them to seeContinue reading “To the Classes of 2021/2022”

Reading is not Monolithic.

“Reading is not monolithic.” These are some of the wise words that kicked off a lecture during my Masters course this week by guest lecturer Carol Leroy. I remember writing a paper in University about Louise Rosenblatt and the Transactional Reader-Response Theory. I laughed a few years ago when I stumbled upon it in myContinue reading “Reading is not Monolithic.”

The chains that bind us

A student told me the story of training baby elephants the other day The chain attached early Just strong enough to hold them Just strong enough they start to doubt their own Potential As the elephant grows up the chains stay the same The elephant stops trying to break free Stops testing the system becauseContinue reading “The chains that bind us”