Perspective and taking a step back

As the school year is coming to a rather quick close. I still remember the start of the school year and sharing picture books with my kids. I remember clearly moments like reading Mama by Jacqueline Woodson and a student having to excuse themselves overcome with emotion, I remember my first book talk of theContinue reading “Perspective and taking a step back”

#curiositycrew “NO BOOKS FOR YOU” pt2

How do we follow up the brilliance of Dr. Mary Howard? Well, I recruit a couple of my brilliant buddies for a follow-up post. If you happened to miss part one with Mary here is a link.  Today Curiosity Crew members Susan Vincent and Roman Nowak are sharing their views as it comes to reading,Continue reading “#curiositycrew “NO BOOKS FOR YOU” pt2″

#curiositycrew “No Books for you” pt1

I look back at that episode of Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi. That, “if you do this perfectly then you get the soup but one mistake, one thing out of place and NO SOUP FOR YOU” Last week a friend of mine shared an experience where their teaching was questioned by a “higher up” TheContinue reading “#curiositycrew “No Books for you” pt1″


Such a simple word for a powerful process. Advancement, improvement, rise, success, gain, prosperity, maturing, evolution, all words used to describe becoming more than you were before. In teaching, we have this wonderful tool for growth called Professional Development. Opportunities to learn and to grow by surrounding ourselves with new ideas or new ways toContinue reading “Growth”