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March 7th 2021

In response to this weeks news from the MCU movie rumour mill, that Marvel is settling on “The Mutants” as a potential name for a film that brings the X-men into the MCU, I have decided to write my own pitch for an X-men introduction film. SO here goes.

X:Men- Children of the Atom (Movie Pitch)

To begin I want to be very transparent, I hate the Fox films after X2: X-men United. Like HATE. I tolerated DOFP but I am a stickler for at least some kind of continuity and those Fox films took liberties that I just could not stand.

The First Team

My dream X-men film would be built around this group for movie one

The film would begin with a way back flashback of Charles, Moira and Erik arguing about the role of Mutants, Charle’s dream vs Erik’s. Erik storms out Moira leaves (establishing the character for later stories) and the flashback shifts to Charles watching a young Jean Grey first discover her powers, then Bobby and Hank and finally Cyclops. We would spend just a few minutes giving some detail of their back stories and then fade to the present with the now young adult team.

The Villains

I am back and forth on this. I would like to see the first film to introduce Magneto in the backstory but for him to not take a central role in this film. I think my main Villain would be Sinister and a few Marauders.

The Big Bad (at least for the first film)
I would use Sabertooth, Riptide, Arclight and Vertigo

I would have the story of the first film focus around Professor X recruiting the kids. Cyclops would be the last one and he would be saved from being captive. When saved Sinister would be in the background. Throughout the film and the kids training we would catch Sinister in the background. The kids would face off against Arclight in one fight during that battle Jean would get a psychic SOS from someone. Arclight would retreat but the team would follow them to what would turn out to be Sinisters Lair.

A battle in the lair would take place with Sinister and his Marauders (Sabretooth, Arclight, Riptide and Vertigo) vs The X-men and Xavier. During the Battle Scott would have a flashback of his time kidnapped and experimented on by Sinister. Cyclops would drop the Visor and blast all off them and lead to a Marauders retreat.

Meanwhile Xavier discovers a mutant wearing a Golden Mask chained in the corner.

As Xavier approaches he is slammed with her thoughts. We see flashes of all of these different mutant from all over the world, future potential film ideas, Wolverine, Magneto, Apocalypse, Angel as Archangel. Xavier who has been slammed back from the visions gets up. Looking into the screen Xavier says

This would be the end of the first film. Post credit scenes would be each member fo the current team recruiting someone new.

Cyclops= Banshee

Beast= Colossus and a Magik Cameo

Iceman= Sunfire

Angel= Thunderbird

Jean= Wolverine

Final Post Credit Scene would have Sinister Reporting to a Big Bad… Apocalypse

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