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I will post sample schedules and other things I create on this page. I have closed my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I would rather make the things I have available to anyone that wants them and free items on TPT just generates traffic for their site and opportunities to be convinced that Penguin Clipart will make you a better teacher…it won’t so please feel free to use anything I have here. I would only ask that you say where you got it from if asked but that really is on an honour system 🙂

Sample of a Reading Schedule for the year including Whole Class, Book Clubs and Independent Time.Sample Reading Schedule

This is an example of my reflection cheat sheet that the kids will all get to have in their journals. I have just compiled ideas from Tovani, Beers and Probst and Gallagher on one sheet. They are not my ideas just all the stuff I have used in one place. Reading Reflection stuff

Simple Conferencing Log Conferencing Log

Refugee Samples for those reading “Refugee” by Alan Gratz (please don’t be lame and put it on Teachers Pay Teachers)

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